Ecometer DC


General Characteristics

ECOMETER is an innovative product and it is the most recent evolution of our on-board metering line. It integrates into a compact and easy-to-mount product all the functions needed for the on-board high accuracy metering and detection: DC voltage, DC currents and DC active/reactive energy. ECOMETER is the ideal solution for a quick refurbishment of existing fleets that require to be made compliant to the new standards for energy metering (EN 50463) and energy saving.


ECOMETER’s functions are highly customizable according to customer needs or suggestions coming from our experience. Catenary detection and high accuracy DC parameters measurement are usually the standard requirements.

Available options includes:

  • Bar sustained
  • Self supplied
  • Current loops outputs: 4-20mA or -50+50mA
  • Optical Fibre
  • Radio Frequency
  • Serial port: RS422/RS485
  • Ethernet

Environmental Performance

The device is compliant with all regulations of the rail market. All the components are homologated for the industrial temperature range (from -40°C to +85°C - Class TX - EN 50125-1) and ensure proper function in the worst environmental conditions. The precision is 1% on the whole TX range; 0.5% at 23°C.

Electrical Performances

ECOMETER operates under the following power supply systems

(EN 50163 - Railway Systems Supply Voltages).