General Characteristics

Thepsys is a device that has a diagnostics function able to detect power supply failure or thermocouple break. The main feature of the device is the galvanic insulation between HV and LV sections, made by means of a transformer (insulation level, 15kV-50Hz-60s) which feeds the HV section and transmits the signal (proportional to the temperature) to the low voltage section via an optical channel; the signal is then elaborated in order to drive the various outputs foreseen.


Thepsys functions are highly customizable according to our customer needs as well as suggestions derived from our experience.

  • Measured temperature
  • Diagnostic relay contact
  • Alarm relay contact
  • Analog output

Environmental Performance

The device is compliant with all regulations of the rail market. All the components are homologated for the industrial temperature range (from -40°C to +85°C - Class TX - EN 50125-1) and ensure a proper working in the worst environmental conditions. The precision is 1% on the whole TX range; 0.5% at 23°C.