CNX/MXF Series

Designed to combine the high pressure levels obtained by the centrifugal fans with the advantages of size and ease of installation given by the axials, the CNX and MXF series are based on Comet’s decades of experience in the design and production of high-performance axial fan units.

The CNX and MXF Series provide maximum pressures which are 50% higher than those of the correspondent axial, in their typical range of airflows. This is achieved with dimensions comparable to those of a conventional axial fan.

Besides the advantage in terms of performances, these products also offer distinct low-noise characteristics. Sound emissions are comparable to centrifugal units, allowing in many cases to avoid the use of silencers or reducing the impact of noise insulation systems.

This is offered together with the usual flexibility of design and construction which characterizes Comet’s products, making them suitable for the most demanding applications and critical duties.


  • Traction motors
  • Brake resistors
  • Forced ventilation systems