Resistor and cooling integrated units

Microelettrica can provide integrated units with braking resistor and converter/transformer/motor radiator cooler. The resistor dissipates power up to some MWs as per standard request for main line rolling stocks. Crowbar operations are also granted. The resistor is cooled from a motorfan that guarantees the necessary air flow and wins the static pressure coming also from the radiator. The radiator can be used to dissipate the exchange power of the main traction converter or the motor using water-glycol liquid as well as transformer with oil as main exchanger. From 10 kW up to 100 kW can be dissipated by these systems.

A complete cooling unit can also be provided: pumps, fittings, cables and sensors can be part of MS scope of supply.

A full fluid dynamic characterization is performed thanks to Comet AMCA chamber where a detailed pressure drop analysis is performed to optimize MS design.