FMR - Feeder Manager Relay

46, 49, 50/51, 50N/51N, 67, 67N, 27/59, 59Uo, 74, 81, 86, I2t, 51BF

  • Three levels for phase overcurrent independentely programmable as directional or non directional
  • Three levels for Earth Fault independentely programmable as directional or non directional
  • Selectable Time current curves according to IEC and IEEE standards
  • Two over/under voltage levels
  • Two over/under frequency levels
  • Zero sequence overvoltage level
  • Two Negative Sequence current levels
  • One Positive Sequence overvoltage level
  • One Negative Sequence undervoltage level
  • Trip circuit supervision
  • Associated Circuit Breaker control (OPEN / CLOSE)
  • Breaker failure protection
  • Breaker interruption energy Si2t
  • Two complete setting programs switchable locally or remotely
  • Blocking input and Blocking output for pilot wire selectivity coordination
  • Event Recording (last 100 events)
  • Trip Recording (last 10 trips) complete with cause of tripping and values of the input quantities at the moment of trip
  • Oscillographic recording of input quantities (8 channels, 32 sample/cycle, 2 sec each)
  • Modbus RTU or IEC870-5 communication protocols
  • RS232 serial communication port on Front Face
  • RS485 serial communication port on Back Panel
  • Synchronisation with other relays (resolution 1ms)
  • Graphical display 128x64 dots
  • 4 LEDS for: Power on/internal relay fault, Trip / alarm
  • Trip circuit fault
  • 6 Output relays totally user programmable
  • 4 Digital inputs user programmable
  • IP54 Protection degree
  • Totally draw-out execution.

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