Generator Protection & Management Relay

21,24,27/59,32,37,40,46,49,50/27,50V/51V, 51BF,60FL,64S,68,81

  • Two voltage-controlled overcurrent levels
  • Two under-impedance elements
  • Thermal image element with prealarm level
  • Two unbalance elements
  • Two over/under voltage elements
  • Two over/under frequency elements
  • Two over excitation levels
  • Two 95% Stator Earth Fault protection elements
  • One 100% Stator Earth Fault protection element
  • One Reverse power protection element
  • One inpedance element for Loss of Field protection
  • One under-power level
  • PTs' fuse failure protection
  • Modbus Communication Protocol
  • Breaker Failure protection
  • Inadvertent C/B closure protection
  • UL / CSA listed
  • Blocking Outputs and Blocking Inputs for pilot wire selectivity coordination