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Microelettrica software for protection relay setting and configuration

MSCom3 software simplify the way to set and configure the Microelettrica protection relays.

Easy to use interface of MSCom3 assist you during the commissioning phase and simplify the configuration process.


During Operation

  • Check the relay measurements and status
  • Navigate into the event log
  • Open the oscillographic recording and download the waveforms acquired (csv or comtrade)

During Commissioning

  • Set the characteristic of the sensor connected to the relay
  • Build a simple programming logic (if the feature is supported by the relay)
  • Program the digital input/output and LEDs.
  • Set dedicated functions (oscillografic recording, breaker operations, etc.)


  • Simplified installation (.exe file format)
  • On line and off line connection with the protection relays
  • Easy to build programming logic

MSCOM3 is compatible with all the Microelettrica relay and replace the previous version MSCOM and MSCOM2.