Global leader in electromechanical and electronic components: Microelettrica Scientifica

Reliability and customization: an endless source of savings.

Designed and manufactured to maximise reliability and durability, Microelettrica products are the first choice of those who demand exceptional performance in a standard product customized to project specific requirements.

We offer products with proven service records thanks to a presence of 70 years in the reference markets.

Our product portfolio covers a wide variety of applications and comprises stand-alone components as well as systems that integrate multiple components and provide you as a customer with a higher added value.


Our portfolio includes a rich set of standard components resulting from 70 years of experience, addressing most mobility and industrial applications. For special or complex requests, we are always keen on providing customized solutions.


Our deep expertise in components design and application requirements enables us to develop effective electrical or cooling and ventilation solutions. We integrate multiple components into functional systems to optimize the overall performance and cost of your system.

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