General Characteristics:

ELETRAFO is a compact solution that allows the measurement of the voltage of the catenary line and distributes the information through the whole train. Having just one certified product that integrates so many functions, allows easy communication and interchange of data, with maximum control of the whole process.


ELETRAFO's functions are highly customizable according to customer needs as well as suggestions derived from our experience:

  • Detection and measurement of the instantaneous catenary AC and DC voltages
  • Analog and/or digital output signals
  • Insulated optical fiber output

Environmental performances:

The device is compliant with all regulations of the rail market. All components are homologated for the industrial temperature range (from -40°C to +85°C - Class TX - EN50125-1) and ensures proper function in the worst environmental conditions. The accuracy is 1%.

Electrical performances:

ELETRAFO operates under the following power supply systems (EN 50163 - Railway Systems Supply Voltages)

Eletrafo FFF

  • ELETRAFO FFF (Form Fit Function) is the solution for replacement the old ELETRAFO due to obsolescence issue faced on some electronic components and on the resin type used.

  • The FFF solution will include the current and proven technology used by ECOSystem products with 0,5R accuracy according to EN50463

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