General Characteristics:

The ECOModule is a device that integrates the analog signal interface to any type of sensor, the Energy Calculation Function (ECF) with accuracy class 0,5R and the Data Handling System (DHS) in the same compact unit.

The 6 input analog channels allow to easily configure the device for any type of more common sensors available in the market.

The particular design and architecture of the ECOModule assure a 15 years calibration validity.

The DHS implements mechanisms of protection and security able to ensure both the integrity of the transmitted data to ground systems and the management of data loss due to lack of connectivity.

The configuration software allows easily to configure the communication parameters and vehicle data.

The energy values are calculated on the base of the line voltage and the line current measured by dedicated external sensors. The energy data transferred to the DHS is used to create and storage Compiled Energy Billing Data (CEBD).

The Compiled Energy Billing Data is prepared and submitted to the ground systems that deal with the management of energy consumption.

The integrated wireless connectivity offered by the DHS, provides the time information and geographic location.

The storage capacity allows to have additional space that can be used by other equipment on board which requires data storage and data transmission.

Available options:

  • 6 Analog input for Current and Voltage sensors
  • RS485 for ECOMETER digital sensor
  • WIFI network interface as option
  • Digital input/output at battery level
  • Ethernet network interfaces
  • CAN network interface as option
  • MVB interface as option
  • SIM card reader for mobile network (double SIM card holder as option)
  • RS485/RS232 network interface
  • GPS
  • GSM/UMTS/up to LTE (internal or external multiband Antenna); GSM-R as option
  • Diagnostic and signalling external LEDs

Environmental performances:

The device is suitable for railway rolling stock application, designed to be installed inside the cabin. The device is compliant with all regulations of the rail market. All the components are homologated for the industrial temperature range (from -40°C to +85°C - Class OT4 - EN50125-1) and ensure proper function in the worst environmental conditions.

Electrical performances:

The device is characterized by very low energy consumption and the auxiliary power supply nominal range is 24÷110Vdc.

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