General Characteristics:

The ECOBox is a device interfaced to any ECOMeter type, that collects in real time the catenary voltage and current and provides an interface to different vehicle functional systems.

The ECOBox is an high level customizable component, it can be configured according to the specific Customer requirement and provides several different interfaces.

The analog outputs signals can be used to calculate the energy consumption according to the standard EN50463.


The ECOBox provides signals for the traction control module, the energy measurement function, the vehicle communication system and any vehicle function that uses the information coming from the catenary.

In addition it provides 6 digital outputs with customisable function for catenary detection, short circuit detection, harmonic detection and diagnostic purpose.

Available options:

Advanced functionalities like harmonics calculation and overvoltage or overcurrent can be implemented by an additional SW application.

The SW can be uploaded or updated just connecting the unit to a PC or from remote if it is available the communication unit ECOCom.

Environmental Performances:

The device is suitable for railway rolling stock application, designed to be installed in the cabin.

The device is compliant with all regulations of the rail market. All the components are homologated for the industrial temperature range (from -40°C to +85°C - Class OT4 - EN 50125 -1) and ensures proper function in the worst environmental conditions.

Electrical Performances:

The main feature of the device is the high accuracy of its 4 analogue outputs channels galvanically insulated to each other.

The device is characterized by very low energy consumption and the auxiliary power supply nominal range is 24÷110 Vdc.

The ECOBox current analog output accuracy is 0,5R for both current and voltage measurement according to the standard EN50463.

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