Gateway CCG

General Characteristics:

The CCG is a mobile communication unit, which allows to transfer, almost in real time, all of the information provided by the onboard Data Recorders to a ground central data collection and analysis site.

Thanks to the CCG, there is no need to wait for the return or passage of the train in proximity to its assigned depot for downloading the relevant data.

It is also possible to use the modern systems for data collection, analysis and filing systems in order to be able to react more readily to

  • problems linked to running the fleet;
  • verifying the quality of the driving personnel training
  • evaluating the performance of the timetables

The high quality design assures a significant reliability figures.


The CCG can be easily installed on trains and interfaced to different configurations and types of Data Recorders, ensuring an high level of data integrity.

Available options include:

  • WIFI network interface
  • Digital input/output at battery level
  • Ethernet network interface
  • CAN network interface
  • SIM card reader for mobile network (double SIM card holder as option)
  • GPS
  • GSM/UMTS/up to LTE (internal or external multiband Antenna); GSM-R as option
  • Diagnostic and signalling external LEDs

Environmnental Performances:

The device is suitable for railway rolling stock application, designed to be installed in the cabin.

The device is compliant with all regulations of the rail market. All the components are homologated for the industrial temperature range (from -25°C to +70°C - Class T3- EN50125-1) and ensure proper function in the worst environmental conditions.

Electrical Performances:

The device is characterized by very low energy consumption and the auxiliary power supply nominal range is 24 Vdc or 110 Vdc.

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