Connected Systems

The DHV interfaces an external voltage sensor and performs diagnostic check of heating control module components, in order to provide the correct configuration to the HV control devices
The integrated control unit HVBC is one of the key components of the MICROBOX, the Microelettrica high voltage box design innovative concept, based on modular blocks and plug in interfaces, allows easy customization to fit different rolling stock platform architectures
CRT is a intelligent device to manage the data entry of the Driving Crew or Maintenance Staff through a keyboard or by means of a Smart Cart reader
CSI has been designed to display, inside the driver’s cab of a rolling stock, the value of the speed on a monochromatic LCD graphic display A SIL 2 version is available for the application as main speed indicator
The CCG is a mobile communication unit, which allows to transfer, almost in real time, all of the information provided by the onboard Data Recorders to a ground central data collection and analysis site

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