Detector High Voltage DHV

General Characteristics:

The DHV performs the detection of the line voltage heating system type. It can be used on railway vehicles which operate with DC 3 kV, DC 1,5 kV and AC 1,5 kV heating system, and allows transferring digital information about the status of heating line to changeover switch and to the HVAC system for the controller of heating system.


The DHV interfaces an external voltage sensor and performs diagnostic check of heating control module components, in order to provide the correct configuration to the HV control devices.

In case of any defective status feedback from the controlled devices, the DHV forces the system to a safety status, providing diagnostic information to the train system.

The compact design allows an easy and simply integration in the HV heating control box.

Environmnental Performances:

The device is suitable for railway rolling stock application, designed to be installed inside HV box or cubicle.

The device is compliant with all regulations of the rail market. All the components are homologated for the industrial temperature range (from -40°C to +85°C - Class OT4 -EN 50125-1) and ensure proper function in the worst environmental conditions.

Electrical Performances:

The device is characterized by very low energy consumption and the auxiliary power supply nominal range is 24÷110Vdc.

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