Smart Integrated Functional Unit (SIFU)

SIFU (example)

The SIFU integrates components in a high voltage system that provides a functionally ready solution. The system is typically integrated into a metal enclosure suitable for outdoor or indoor assembly.

The modular design allows to configure the box dimension and the functions integration to obtain an optimized solution.

The SIFU target is to have a solution easy to be managed for maintenance, compact and with a high added value integrating a wide range of Microelettrica components and control and diagnostic systems:

  • Metering components
  • Switches
  • Disconnectors
  • High speed circuit breakers
  • Ground disconnectors
  • Resistors
  • Control and diagnostic management

The SIFU system is completed with components provided from the best suppliers, as example:

  • Surge arrester
  • Fuses
  • Low voltage components
  • Etc.

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