Integrated Functional Units


A key of Microelettrica Scientifica success is the ability to provide specific solutions to meet customers’ requirements. One of these are IFUs: different Microelettrica Scientifica contactors and disconnectors are supplied already assembled on a structure. A few solutions have been supplied also including charging and discharging resistors on the same frame. In this way customers do not have to worry of installing several components on a vehicle: it’s just a matter of inserting the whole assembly in its own cubicle and tightening some screws.

For example, all the traction circuit switchgears can be part of just one IFU. Such a solution helps also in case of maintenance: a IFU is removed from the train in a short time and is replaced with another assembly, to speed ­up processes. Then, the removed IFU can be checked and revamped in the workshop, with no concerns of time and space.