LTK line


LTK line disconnectors combines the Microelettrica heavy duty and well known technology on the high power circuit to the most advanced technology on the control and command circuit.

This results in an innovative solution, which includes the concepts of compactness and versatility where high voltage rating (up to 4 kV) and high thermal currents are required.

The safety in polluted environments is guaranteed by wide creepage and clearance distances, all in a narrow overall dimension very useful in case of reduced space.

  • Modular approach for side by side multipolar configuration
  • One or two pole combination driven by the same motor
  • Flexible configuration and customization
  • Motorized control
  • Category / Operational Frequency class: A4/ C3
  • Designed for applications up to OV4, PD3A
  • Electronic board
  • Bistable command

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