LTX line


LTX Line contactors are based on the heavy duty and well-known MS technology improved with new advanced high power circuit which permits to achieve the highest performances, robustness and reliability required by the railway and industry market.

They represent the right solutions where high voltage rating, high thermal current and high breaking capacity are required.

The innovative design of LTX line combines the traditional technology of the arc chute (ceramic fins) with a new blow out system which enable to withstand the highest current ratings and to guarantee a high reliability on the full range of currents.

The new mechanism is designed to achieve the best performances under breaking and insulation function, thanks to a double opening speed and the highest distance between open contacts on the market.

Main applications:

  • Line contactor
  • Power or auxiliary converter input
  • Traction motors on-load disconnection
  • Renewable energy systems
  • Industrial systems


  • Category / Operational Frequency class: A2 / C2
  • Designed for applications up to OV4, PD3A
  • Indirect blow out coil combined with permanent magnets
  • Suitable for bi-directional DC or AC currents
  • Eco Boost used in the control circuit
  • Ceramic arc chute
  • 1 and 2 pole combination

LTX is available in 1-pole and 2-pole configurations and is based on a modular concept that allow to combine several types of main body and arc-chute, to adapt it to the current and voltage performances required by the application.

The LTX line is protected by International PATENT.

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