LTHS line


´╗┐Microelettrica Scientifica contactors for railway applications are designed to be used on electrical equipment in presence of the most severe shocks and vibrations, which occur on-board traction vehicles.

The LTHS Series of contactors displays a traditional design which enables them to withstand the highest current ratings in harsh working conditions.

To accomplish most of the possible applications, all the LTHS Series contactors can be manufactured in single or multipolar form and, upon request, allow a very high degree of customisation. For example, versions with normally open or normally closed poles are manufactured, and mechanical latching can be supplied. In order to work efficiently both with high and low currents, the contactors are equipped with indirect blow out circuit.

This arc-extinguishing technology allows to work indifferently both in AC and DC.

The DC control coil operates without economy resistor within a wide working range.

A “varistor” cuts off the peak voltage when the coil is deenergized.

More than 20000 LTHS contactors are delivered worldwide each year for the most demanding projects and applications.

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