IR2000 SV


High Speed Circuit Breaker type IR2000

The IR2000SV Series is a single pole, magnetic blow out, trip free, High Speed Circuit Breaker.

The closing mechanism is an independent motor operated type. The Circuit Breaker is held closed by holding coil and it is equipped with a direct acting overcurrent trip device which may be either unidirectional and bidirectional. The breaker may be operated as single voltage (750, 1500V) or dual voltage (750/1500V).

The HSCB conforms to EN 60077 Standard.

Technical Characteristics      
Rated voltage [V] Un 750 1500
Overvoltage category   OV3 OV3
Degree of pollution   PD3 PD3
Protection Degrees in Box   IP45 IP45
Rated current [A] In Up to 3000 Up to 3000
Short circuit breaking capacity
(IEC 60077)
Ue 900 [V] 1800 [V]
  Icc 50 [kA]- Peak 45 [kA]- Peak
  Icc 30 [kA]- Steady State 25 [kA]- Steady State
Tripping direction   Uni and Bidirectional Uni and Bidirectional
Trip setting of overcurrent release I From 1000 to 6000 [A] From 1000 to 6000 [A]
Mechanical life N 100.000 100.000
Dielectric withstand voltage [50Hz, 60s]      
Across open main contacts UA 6 kV 6 kV
Between main contacts and earth UA 6 kV 6 kV
Between auxiliary and earth UA 2.5 KV 2.5 kV
Auxiliary circuit      
Rated voltage [Vdc] Un 24 ÷ 110 24 ÷ 110
Type of closing device   With servomotor With servomotor
Type of holding device [EM= Electtromagnetic; PM= Permanent Magnet]   EM/PM EM/PM
Auxiliary contacts      
Available contacts   6 NO + 5 NC 6 NO + 5 NC
Max breaking capacity on Ohmic load [A] In 3 3
Thermal current [A] Ith 5 5
Ambient conditions      
Temperature Tamb -30 + 40° C -30 + 40° C
Altitude h < 1400 m < 1400 m
Fixing   Under Frame/Over the roof Under Frame/Over the roof
Connection of main circuit   Cables Cables
Weight (1500 A version with box) kg 56 85
Dimensions box (1500 A version) mm 778x320x446h 714x389x626h