IR4000F Series - DC Substation / Energy & Industry


The IR4000F Series is the right choice where a very powerful solution is required on fixed application for both railway and industry solution according to IEC61992 and IEC60947

The IR4000 new design combines the highest breaking capability required from the Fixed Application (railways and industry) with the typical requirement from the onboard application as compactness, lightness and capability to withstand Shocks and Vibrations.​

The IR4000F Series is a range of single pole, air, high speed circuit breakers for DC applications with air breaking, available in two voltage ratings of 1800 and 3600 Vdc and four thermal currents of 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 kA.

IR4000F Series includes:

  • IR4000FC, Vertical mounting, Holding Coil version
  • IR4000FP, Vertical mounting, Permanent Magnet version