May 2021 - "EVO Modernization"

We are pleased to introduce a NEW PRODUCT UPDATE, the EVO Control Board, that has useful features able to improve the performance of our High Speed Circuit Breakers.

January 2021 - Industry Data Analysis

Despite the pandemic of 2020, the Industry market here in Microelettrica has confirmed, indeed improved, the revenue values of 2019.

This is a source of pride for us as well as a springboard to accept the challenge of 2021.

Microelettrica firmly believes in a strong increase in the industry linked to the improvement of its products and the expansion of the sales network.

January 2021 - Social Responsibility

We are pleased to reconfirm once again our support to the sustainable solidarity project “Mobilità Garantita” thanks to which PMG Italia can ensure better mobility for the weakest people in the community.

A vehicle equipped with a lifting platform is made available with the aim of ensuring the care of people with mobility problems belonging to the territory of the Municipality of Buccinasco, where we are based.

This commitment was of vital importance to many people also during the health emergency and will continue to pursue solidarity pathways over the next 4 years.

January 2021 - Wishing Tree

Once again this year, Santa's sleigh filled up with presents for the children of the Ai.Bi. - Associazione Amici dei Bambini.

By now the Wishing Tree is already being dismantled, but Microelettrica Scientifica's commitment continues throughout the year.

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