February - Full IR400 series

We are proud to announce the availability in the market of the full IR4000 Line with the latest four versions, combining 6000A or 8000A sizes for rated currents with 900Vdc or 1800Vdc arc chutes for rated voltages. Market targets are fixed installations for mobility and industry segments.

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January - Young Talents

On January 26th, we had a visit from Giulia Pastorella, Councilor of the Municipality of Milan, where she is President of the Civic Services Commission, Relations with Municipalities and #Digitalizzazione. She is also EU Government Relations Director of Zoom.

For Giulia Pastorella, Microelettrica is "a company that believes very much in young people and which has hired young talents at all levels: communication, engineering and research".

The theme of young people is very dear to the Councilor, so much so that she wrote the book - presented during our meeting - “Exit Only. Cosa Sbaglia l’Italia sui Cervelli in Fuga” (in English: “What Italy is getting wrong with the Brain Drain”). It’s an analysis of the Italian peculiarities of what is a widespread and worrying phenomenon: the emigration of professionally qualified young people in the face of the scarcity of graduates coming out of our educational system.

This is a topic that we also care about at Microelettrica, where every day we strive to give value to young talents, by creating a virtuous circle of learning and teaching between more junior and senior staff – enriching all our lives.

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