LTNS line


´╗┐Microelettrica Scientifica LTNS Series have been developed to answer to the constantly increasing market need of reduced dimensions and weight, taking most of the consolidated know-how in designing and manufacturing of industrial bar mounted contactors.

These contactors have been designed starting from the N Series electric arc management concept, grafted on the light and compact structure of a rail unit, developed around the control electromagnet.

The LTNS contactors, characterised by a nominal voltage of 750V, are available in a wide range of current ratings, from 80A up to 1300A (up to 3 poles). They can be configured in any combination of Normally Open or Normally Closed poles, with a common rating.

They have been designed and tested according to the international standard IEC 60947-4-1 and are suitable for almost any industrial low voltage application, such as: cranes, rolling mills, electric energy production and transformation, photovoltaic panels and inverters, induction furnaces, galvanic treatments.

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