LTHM/P-U/D line


´╗┐Microelettrica Scientifica disconnectors, available both in electromotorized and in pneumatic versions, are designed to be employed in circuits up to 4kV. Their current ratings, up to 1500A per pole, allow them to fit almost all applications. Their contact technology, based on multi-finger jaws, enables the LTHM and LTHP disconnectors to withstand consistent dynamic currents (up to 220kA). Microelettrica Scientifica’s effort in designing a product range with reduced space outline, sturdy structure and a long mechanical life (over 100000 operations), has led to a worldwide success in railway applications.

  • Poles can be connected in parallel to obtain higher thermal currents on single contact (up to 6,000 Amps).
  • On D versions, poles can be reversed forming NC poles, or single-double pole changeover without additional structure.
  • On D versions, additional upper structure is available to create 1 to 4 changeover poles.
  • 24 combinations are available with more than 130 pole configurations.
  • Several options available for control circuits and for auxiliary contacts connection.
  • Integrated solutions: multiple switches are assembled on frame with customised busbar system and integrated control circuits.


  • Traction circuit configuration change in multi-system locos
  • Isolation of power converter
  • Isolation of traction motors


Auxiliary Connections

  • To meet all customer requirements, special connections and cabling can be supplied both on the high voltage and on the low voltage circuits. On the HV side, poles can be connected in series or parallel. Terminals can be shaped according to customers’ requirements.
  • LV circuits can be cabled to perform different logical functions. Any kind of connector available in commerce can be fitted to these circuits.