The Microelettrica Scientifica LTHH/LTE/LTP Series contactors for electric traction are supplied to railways and underground systems throughout the world. Where high voltage ratings are required, the LTHH Series contactors are the right solution.

The creepage and clearance distances are widely dimensioned for safe application in polluted ambients. Their narrow outline is especially conceived for applications where space is a critical issue - as more and more often happens on railway vehicles.

To meet all possible applications, they are available both with electric (LTHH/LTE) and pneumatic (LTP) control, and poles can be manufactured in normally open or normally closed configurations.

The indirect blow out circuit makes the LTHH contactors suitable to work both with high and low currents.

The DC control coil operates without economy resistor within a wide working range.

More than 10000 LTHH contactors are delivered worldwide every year for the most demanding projects and applications.