Flexible Line, up to 2000V and 1500A/pole.
Compact Line, up to 2000V and 1000A/pole.
Higher Voltage Line, up to 4000V and 1300A/pole.


Flexible Line, up to 4000V, 800 or 1500A/pole.
Modular Line, up to 4000V, 1000 or 2000A/pole.

Integrated Functional Units

Customized Integrated Functional Unit products. Up to 4.000V and 6.000A per pole
New modular integrated system for line- and precharge function. Up to 2.000V and 1.000A

DC High Speed Circuit Breakers



Convection/forced cooled, roof, undercar or in-vehicle
Filter, damping, etc, multifunctional units possible
Crowbar, charging, discharging, also in aluminum-case
Compact and modern design, low inductance, can be subjected to pulse loads.
Flat modular design, high energy absorption capacity, low-inductance versions, can be subjected to pulse loads


Compact solution, measurement of catenary voltage

Most recent evolution of our innovative on-board metering line. Compact and easy-to-mount solutions for the on-board high accuracy metering and detection of voltage, current and active/reactive energy according to EN 50463
Diagnostics device with function to detect power supply failure or thermocouple break


Medium performance direct driven axial fan series
High performance axial cooling fan series for traction motors, brake resistors, others
High reliability centrifugal fans for critical applications as traction motors, transformers, inverters/converters
Compact high performance open-running centrifugal fan series (plug-fans) for traction motors, transformers, inverters/converters
High pressure levels, compact and easy to install centraxial and mixed flow fans for traction motors, brake resistors