Load Banks

Load bank for generator testing

Load Banks allow to effectively check the efficiency of emergency sets (generators, Uninterrutible Power Supplies) and can be employed as dummy loads to prevent wet stacking on diesel engines. They represent a reliable and economic way to prolong the lifetime of extremely expensive and important equipments.

Microelettrica custom designs Load Banks to satisfy all requirements, both in terms of power to be dissipated (from tens of kW to tens of MW), insulation level (from hundreds of Volts up to 36kV insulation class) and integration of the most diverse power steps, thanks to the wide variety of grid element types designed and produced by Microelettrica itself.

Thanks to its many years of experience in both industrial and railway fields, Microelettrica has also developed reliable ventilation curves, and can therefore offer forced-ventilated Load Banks, which main advantage is that of allowing higher power-per-element and thus smaller size. Microelettrica Load Banks are suitable for indoor and/or outdoor use; they are placed in enclosures with up to IP23 protection degree. Ventilation can be horizontal or vertical.

Microelettrica Load Banks can be controlled either locally or remotely (on request), through switches (also manufactured by Microelettrica Scientifica).

The essential parameters needed to design a Load Bank are:

  • Nominal Voltage
  • Power
  • Number and type of steps, if any
  • Type of ventilation (natural or forced)

Other relevant parameters are:

  • Maximum Ohmic value drift; in case it is necessary to contain the thermal drift of the resistance value, alloys with extremely low temperature coefficients can be used
  • Protection degree of enclosure; up to IP23, standard IP20 (vertical ventilation) or IP21 (horizontal ventilation, only for forced air cooled
    Load Banks)
  • Enclosure finish; our standard is mild galvanised, but different stainless steel grades (such as AISI304 or AISI316) are available.
    Painting in the desired RAL colour is also an option
  • Environment and Elevation; we design resistors for the harshest industrial or natural settings
  • Auxiliary components; contactors for step switching, also manufactured by Microelettrica




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Load bank for generator testing