Energy & Industry


Flexible Line, up to 2000V and 1500A/pole.
Compact Line, up to 2000V and 1000A/pole.
Higher Voltage Line, up to 4000V and 1300A/pole.
Industrial Line, up to 1000V and 1500A/pole.
Bar mounted Line, up to 1000V and 3000A/pole.


Flexible Line, up to 4000V, 800 or 1500A/pole.
Modular Line, up to 4000V, 1000 or 2000A/pole.

DC High Speed Circuit Breakers



Standardized types for 3,6 / 7,2 / 12 / 24 / 36kV.
Different IP executions indoor/outdoor installation.
Modular design - convection or forced cooled.
Standardized types for motor control.
Compact design, Low inductance, Can be subjected to pulse loads, Modern design.
Flat modular design, High energy absorption capacity, Low-inductance versions Can be subjected to pulse loads.

Protection Relays

Traditional electronic analogic protective relays.
Compact digital relays for protection and control.
DIN Rail relays for protection, metering and control.
Multifunction device for protection, metering & control.


Direct driven axial fans
Belt-driven axial fans
High efficiency axial impellers
For classified areas (Zone 1 / 21 e 2 / 22)