Contactors, disconnectors, DC high speed circuit breakers, power resistors, blowers, high voltage transducers for metering applications, integrated functional units.
Highly customized components and systems for all classes of electric vehicles (tramways and LRVs, metros and EMUs, locos, high speed trains, etc).
50 years of experience and global references in traction and auxiliary supplies for rail-vehicles applications.
Customized integration in multifunctional units.
DC traction power systems components from MV to DC traction. We offer 30 years of experience with equipment for DC traction including Rectifier, Contactors, Disconnectors, DC High Speed Circuit Breaker, Resistors and Protection Relays.
High Voltage resistors, contactors and protection relays for T&D and solar/renewables applications.
Contactors, disconnectors, DC High Speed Circuit Breakers, power resistors, protection relays and fans for industrial applications such as metals, petrochemicals and others.
50 years of experience from the single components to highly engineered systems solutions for the most demanding customer requirements.