1953 - 1979


Founded in Milan in 1953 to design and manufacture "Automatic Electrical Equipment". The first site was a 500sqm laboratory in the centre of the town. The company name reveals the attention for the technical content of the products and the vocation to the scientific research.

Contactors were the first product: at the beginning small size "micro" (20A and 30A), then larger and larger contactors up to 3000A in the standard range and a number of special executions for wide applications up to 4 kA. At the end of the '50s a new series of block contactors was released: K10 and K20, at that time absolutely at the forefront in the technology. Soon the production needed more space and Microelettrica moved to an old industrial site in the North of Milan, popularly called "Bovisa", where the manufacture of Motor Control Switches, Switchboards and Panels started. This activity successfully continued until the end of the '80s contributing to develop the know-how of the electrical equipment construction and applications. In the '60s the production of Resistors started, at the beginning mainly as a part of motor starting and control devices, then as system equipment in various applications.

In 1970 Microelettrica Scientifica, already well-known and appreciated in the Italian Market, started to expand outside its domestic borders. The first export markets were Greece (naval apparatus), Belgium, Australia, Brazil, South Africa, United States, India, Sweden, Netherlands: nowadays Microelettrica directly exports almost 70% of its turnover.

In the second half of the '70s research in the electronic field started with the aim of developing protection and control equipment for electric machinery and distribution: hence the Protective Relays branch was born. The first products were of the analogic type. In 1985 digital microprocessor based relays were developed. Abreast to the revolutionary development of digital electronics, Microelettrica continuously updated its products making them compatible with communication and supervision systems and today also designs and supplies complete Supervision, Control and Data Acquisition Systems.

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