LTC line


The LTC Series contactors, thanks to their excellent balance between dimensions, performances and robustness, are suitable for all those applications on-board which demand a small, smart device. Their design encourages applications where high operating frequencies and small available spaces are important requirements.

Like all Microelettrica Scientifica contactors, the LTC Series are based on a standard concept, but a very high level of customization can be achieved by replacing a few key components.

Normally open and normally closed poles can be fitted, as well as mechanical latching.

The breaking circuit is equipped with permanent magnets to work efficiently both with high and low currents.

The DC control coil operates without economy resistor within a wide working range.

A “varistor” cuts off the peak voltage when the coil is deenergized.

More than 20000 LTC contactors are delivered worldwide each year for the most demanding projects and applications.

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